Friday, February 12, 2010

New Tricks!

Bathtime, pajama time, and story time are my favorite parts of the day! Eddie is home, he and James are playing, James is happy, and it's just nice!

James has really gotten interested in his bedtime stories lately. We usually read one book and one story out of his children's Bible. Last night was Scuffy the Tugboat. I had it when I was little, too! (Look how well he's holding up that head!)

He and Eddie always have very in-depth discussions about whatever they're reading. I think they should start a book club. They usually leave me out and tell me it's "boy time."

I was trying to capture James' newest trick here. When he's on his tummy, he sometimes likes to hold his back legs OFF the ground and in the air. I'm not just talking his feet, here. It's the strangest looking thing. Have you ever seen a dog that could walk on its front legs? It's the same concept. I could not hold the same amount of my body off of the ground if my life depended on it. One day I will capture the trick and share it and you will be amazed as well.

Another thing he's doing these days (much to his Grandmama's dismay...)? Sucking his thumb. AND his pointer finger. And sometimes on both hands at the same time. I have to keep lotion on his hands (and I'm sure that doesn't taste good) because they're getting chapped, cracked, and are bleeding! Yuck!

I'm sorry, but that's the sweetest face I've ever seen. Tell me I'm wrong.

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L said...

No no, your right! Defnitely a sweet face! I love the pic when hes looking up at his dad, too cute! i would lovee a catalogue if you could get one to me somehow? anywho, have a great weekend and valentines day!