Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Toys...

Picture catch-up day!

James had shots on Friday. Those chubby little thighs sure are cute, aren't they? It helps to store up fat before having shots. But they still hurt!

I did it! Yea! I conquered those shots! (This was before our pitiful afternoon meltdown. The shots hadn't kicked in and started making him sore yet!) (Does anyone else's baby raise their arms like this when they're laying flat? Is it normal? Typically he puts both arms in the air...)

James' new toy is an old one for the rest of us. After a year and a half of living at the Fresh's house, we finally moved Scout to our house! Ha! Poor baby doesn't know what to do with herself now that she's all alone again! James has been enamored with her. Anytime she's inside (which has been a lot because it's so cold) he just stares at her and smiles. She's interested in him when she first spots him, but not for long. Once she smells him, she's over it. However, we're just happy she didn't bark at him at all! Her record with children hasn't been great. She usually barks and barks at them!
Here's the other new toy! Massive, huh? This was our gift from Dad and Laura this year and we LOVE it! (Who wouldn't, right?) It will eventually be mounted above the fireplace and we'll do some room rearranging, but Eddie wasn't about to wait that long to watch it! It's so big that I've gotten a little dizzy watching it a few times! Ha!
We're doing a lot of cleaning around here this morning. Little boy has taken a LONG nap this morning so I've been able to clean up our bedroom and bathroom. And boy did it need it! I'm still not finished with all of the scrubbing on the list! Why is it that Christmas makes all daily cleaning get put on hold? My house just seems filthy now!

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