Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Name Is Lauren, and I Don't Proofread

Please excuse any and all mistakes in my blogs. I usually jump on the computer at a spare moment in the day and write something out very quickly. I'm not a person who writes a blog and then saves it to edit and publish it later. What I post is, most often, what I've just finished writing.

My lovely husband likes to read my blogs (when I make him) and point out all of my misspelled words and grammatical errors. Last night, it was the fact that I'd written "eat beer" instead of "drink beer" in my weekend update post. I think he points these things out because he's caught his English teacher wife making a mistake instead of vice versa. I ought to get my red pen after HIM one day.

So please accept my apologies and chalk up my mistakes to the fact that I'm human...and one that has to hurry through things these days. I really AM as crazy as my blogs make me appear sometimes...scattered from here to there. I'll try to be more deliberate about re-reading before I post.

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