Thursday, January 21, 2010

James at Three Months!

We really DID take this picture last night, on the actual "3 Month Birthday" but it was late and Eddie was using my desk to get some work finished (because his is a black hole that sucks things into it and you'll never see them again!).
At three months, James:
* Weighs a little under 16 pounds. When we went for his checkup he was 14 pounds, 11 ounces. Last night when we weighed him he was right at 16 pounds but he'd just eaten and I never weigh right after I eat! He's gained about 1.5 pounds since last month.
* He's 24.5 inches. He's grown 0.5 inches since last month.
* Going to bed has gotten MUCH easier, but this silly little boy is back to waking up EVERY THREE HOURS. I feel like I have a newborn again!
* He's moved up to a size 2 diaper. We did that RIGHT after he turned 2 months old. The size 1's just weren't long enough anymore.
* He's eating every 3 hours.
* He still uses a pacifier only when truly necessary - when he's very upset or very tired. He spits it out after he goes to sleep. If you try to give it to him under any other circumstances he acts like it tastes disgusting!
* He doesn't keep his hands out of his mouth. If his hands aren't in there he's either chewing his wubbie or a burp cloth or the seat of the Jumperoo.
* He sleeps swaddled up in the Pack 'N Play. The next step is to teach him to sleep UNswaddled.
* He's pretty happy during the day but is the most happy first thing in the morning. Sometimes it might've been close to 4 hours since his last meal but he has to talk to me before he eats. If I try to get him to eat instead of talk it's pointless. I just have to listen and talk back until he realizes he's hungry.
* Still loves his carseat. He's more alert in the car these days, especially on short trips. He doesn't fall asleep immediately anymore unless it's truly naptime.
* Still loves to be on the go! He acts so much better in public than at home. I think he just likes looking at new things.
* Still loves to swing but the Jumperoo has beaten it out for favorite hobby. He sometimes swings at naptime or while I'm in the shower, but typically only swings if he wakes up REALLY early and I want to entertain him so that I can sleep a little longer. Is that terrible of me?
* Still loves a bath.
* He can bear weight on his legs for a few minutes. If he gets tired he squats down.
* He's holding his head up pretty well!
* He still hates tummy-time.
* He can sit up if I have a hand behind his back. I counted to four the other day with him sitting alone.
* He still jabbers ALL the time. He's not really grunty anymore. He's laughing more often and we've discovered he's "selectively" ticklish. Sometimes when we tickle him he laughs, sometimes when I change his clothes and my hands touch his sides or his underarms he laughs. It's pretty hilarious but very erratic. He won't do it if we really want him to!


pcb said...

Chunky Monkey! He is so cute!

Anna Catherine said...

In three short months, that child's look have completely changed! He looks so much more like you!