Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Update...

Does anyone else feel like time FLIES by at Christmas? Another weekend has passed already? Whew!

On Friday night we packed up everything we own (it seemed like) and headed to Tifton for the weekend. We had Dinner Club on Friday night and got to visit with some of our favorite friends. Several of the kiddos hadn't met James yet so he got lots of lovin' from the little ones. The kids had been occupied by making gingerbread houses when we arrived. It was fun to see what their creative little minds came up with. After hamburgers and hot dogs, we wrapped things up and headed to the Fresh's house.

Mrs. Bobby's birthday was Friday so Eddie and I got her a cookie press. She enjoys (and WE enjoy) making cheese straws at Christmas but the old one broke last year. Eddie was NOT having a Christmas without cheese straws so we had to get her a cookie press before her big "baking week."

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Hasty Family Christmas Lunch. It was fun to see Dad's family. There were about 15 people there in all and we enjoyed laughing and eating together. James, of course, didn't have to be put down the whole time. He was passed around and ate up every second of it!

When we got back to Tifton we spent the afternoon at Mom's house and then Eddie and I left The Boy and went to a birthday party. I think we were gone around 3 hours. James got to meet MaMa, Sonny's mama, for the first time.

On Sunday morning we put our big boy in the church nursery! It was so nice to know that we can do that! Mrs. Pam picked James up and she said he went to sleep almost immediately. He was still sleeping when we picked him up! Guess we'll take him back for the Christmas Eve service and then again after he gets Christened in a few weeks!

We were able to leave EARLY from Tifton for the first time since we've moved! It was SO nice to get home at a decent time! We opened our Christmas gifts since we won't be here on Christmas Day and then spent the afternoon in our pajamas just being lazy!

Eddie got a canvas of one of James' newborn pictures, an air compressor (obviously, he helped with his own shopping, too!), the new Mitch Albom book, a Darius Rucker CD, and a few other little odds and ends. I got a black peacoat, a new pair of black flats, a belt, a crockpot, a cupcake holder (so that cupcakes and muffins don't get smushed!), and the new Harry Potter DVD. James got a jumperoo, a high chair, The Polar Express, Where the Wild Things Are, about 10 Little Golden Books, the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series, baby spoons, baby bowls, and a Praise Baby DVD.

If you saw our pictures then you saw that James LOVED the jumperoo! He just smiled and smiled in it. We put it (unintentionally) in front of the T.V. and The Boy has discovered how fun it is to watch! He has been mesmerized by the pictures. He was sucked in by Harry Potter, but he also watched something else this afternoon. (I think it was actually Bewitched. I promise we don't strictly watch witchcraft-type shows and movies around here!)

We had a fun-filled weekend! Two more busy weeks ahead and then we'll all heave a sigh of relief in January!

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