Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Update...

We had another whirlwind weekend. I am excited about the holidays, but will be grateful for time when Eddie and I can be together at our house!

Friday night we decided to go out to eat and wound up at Cracker Barrel because there was no wait. After that we headed to TJ Maxx and, once again, Lowe's. It's almost embarrassing how often I write that we went there. They should pay us. We could be spokespeople. Spokespersons? Spokesmodels? Anyway...Eddie was looking for shirts and I, as usual, was just looking for anything that caught my eye. Eddie was successful in the hunt for shirts and I held back and didn't buy the cute zebra-striped towels that I saw.

Saturday we thought we might venture up to Macon to finish up our shopping and take The Boy to see Santa. It was rainy and cold (anyone else noticed that it's monsoon season in Georgia?!?!) so we opted to stay home instead. We took turns running various shopping errands and I'm almost finished with my shopping.

Poor Eddie. I gave him a list of things I'd love to have and he says he can't buy any of it for me. As he put it, it wouldn't look good for him to give me things like new games for the Wii Fit or a cupcake carrier when I just delivered our son two months ago. Next year he can go back to the crappy gifts, I guess! So my list is shot! He's been coming up with alternative gifts, all that I definitely want, but I won't have many surprises this year! Ha! Now I know how my poor mama feels every year!

On Sunday I left the boys with a grocery list so that they could go to Publix while I ran up to Macon to meet Meredith with some things I'd ordered from Southern Living At Home. I love that stuff. It is so bad for me. I really need to just become a consultant. The boys were successful in their run to Publix and we had everything on the list, plus some cookies that Eddie said we needed.

Sunday night we went to Wal-Mart (YUCK) to buy gifts for a family in Perry. It was quite the adventure because we went to the Wal-Mart that we never go to (as opposed to the Wal-Mart we go to about once every six months). Nothing was where we thought it should be and we wandered all over that place for well over an hour. Thank goodness there were only about six other customers there and The Boy slept until it was almost time to go.

So...we're now down to 10 days until Christmas and I have six gifts left to buy. Part of that will be gift cards so it is much better than it looks. I'm so thankful for internet shopping. This year seemed so easy, especially with my new little helper.

I can't wait to update about my new little helper, by the way. He is EIGHT WEEKS OLD today and will be two months on Sunday. It doesn't seem right. He has gotten so sweet and seems so much easier. Of course I'll say that and we'll start some weird stage tomorrow! Ha! We are so blessed!

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