Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. TMZ

Let me start this by saying that the name Tim Tebow is pretty much considered a dirty word in our family. The color orange is only allowed at Halloween and Thanksgiving. The Gators pretty much disgust us. However...

The other night I was awake at 2 AM (wonder why...) and flipping channels. Because there is nothing. to. watch. at 2 AM I was limited to The Weather Channel, Roseanne, and TMZ. I chose TMZ and quickly regretted it.

TMZ, for those who don't know, is sort of similar to the Entertainment Tonight-type shows in that it's about celebrities, but it's different because they're papparazzi who interview celebs as they're walking down the street and then discuss the story in a staff meeting setting where everyone stands at their cubicles and shouts out what they think about certain clips that are shown.

So the other night they filmed Tim Tebow walking through the airport in New York. I assume he's there because he's a finalist for the Heisman Trophy this weekend. They start by talking about who he is and poke fun at the fact that he's stated he's a virgin. Apparently hot and virgin don't go together and that idea is laughable and untrue. Then they go to the video. I tried to post the version I found online, but it wouldn't allow me to. First, they ask for his thoughts on Tiger Woods and want to know what advice he'd give the golfer. For real? Why? Who cares? Then they ask him about whether he is "keeping his ladies in check." That's just disgusting. He states that there are no ladies at the moment. Then the camera guy says he's noticed that "umm...stuff...on your face...on gamedays." The verses? Oh yes, that. He asks which, in particular, stay in his heart and Tebow responds that John 3:16 is the essence of Christianity. Then, THEN he asks Tebow what advice he has for his Hebrew brothers out there. Clearly, they're just trying to rile him up and get him to say something that'll backfire on him. But what you don't see is that after the clip aired, the TMZ people got into a discussion about what John 3:16 says. No one in the entire office knew. Not one person. But they sure did think that Tebow was funny.

I know there is a lot of anti-Tebow stuff out there - jokes, Halloween costumes, etc. - and I'm the first to admit I've laughed right along. But I thought his answers here were classy. And I can't argue that he's a really good guy. To me, he totally came off as a good guy on this video and TMZ just a little gross. Why are we attacking him anyway? Because he's fantastic at what he does and is better than our quarterback is? I think it's more a hatred of how the media portrays him as the "golden boy" of football. Similar to how Tiger Woods is was portrayed by the media.

Sorry for the rant and the randomness of this. I'm just exhausted with the media and how they try their hardest to demoralize every. single. person. Do I think they cause feuds between people? Yes. Divorces? Sometimes. Body issues and eating disorders? Absolutely. It needs to stop already. I LOVE hearing about celebrities but I'm really, really taking a hard look at what it's doing to real people. Yes, most of them ask for the media attention. But it just gets out of hand too often. And it's gross. And depressing. Just stop it!

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Anonymous said...

Preach on sister, Preach! I totally agree that the media that we are so addicted to does terrible things to our psyche & personal well being. Totally distorts the way we view life & the world around us. About a year ago I was at a drug store with a girlfriend & I picked up a Cosmo, thought for 2 seconds & then put it down & picked up a copy of REal Simple instead. She called me an old response was "At least this doesnt make me feel fat." Preach on....its all crap-o-la!