Sunday, December 20, 2009

James At Two Months

James is TWO months old today! Can you believe it? We sure can't!

At two months James:

* Weighs between 14 and 14.5 pounds. I cannot believe what a big baby he is!
* Is 24 inches long!
* Still loves to be snuggled and prefers to sleep in a room where someone is. On occasion we can sneak out but if he's napping he really wants to hear us close by.
* Is wearing a size one diaper. We've actually tried a size two because we've had LOTS of accidents lately and thought that might solve our problems. They weren't too big in the length, but the legs were too big for them to work. Soon, though!
*Still takes Mylicon on occassion. We haven't really noticed a difference lately when he doesn't have it, so we don't always give it to him.
* Is back to eating every three hours. We had a little growth spurt where he wanted to eat every 2 hours and it wore me out! He must've slowed down because he's back to being pretty regular now!
* He is sleeping through the night on occassion. We typically put him down sometime between 8 and 10, depending on what we're doing and when he eats. We're not consistent with that yet, but it works for us. For around a week now he's slept until at least 5 AM, which I consider a full night.
* He uses a pacifier only when truly necessary - during a meltdown or when trying to go to sleep. If he's content he won't take it! He's also found his hands and discovered how tasty his right thumb is!
* He's also been sleeping in the Pack 'N Play swaddled up in his Miracle Blanket. I sometimes put him in the swing at 5 AM when he's pretty wide awake, but that's only for entertainment purposes. He DOES nap swaddled up on a pallet on the floor, though. He's on the floor because it's easier for me to keep him in the main part of the house and just put him down whenever he falls asleep. Also, he is in LOVE with the Christmas tree lights and he stares at them until he's asleep.
* I may regret saying it, but he's not nearly as grumpy anymore. Not sure what caused the change, but we've enjoyed it!
* LOVES his carset!
* LOVES to be on the go!
* LOVES to swing! This currently beats out the playmat on the floor.
* LOVES a bath (as long as no water gets in his eyes...he won't close his eyes!!!)
* He can hold his head up for a few seconds but is only into tummy time for a few minutes then he's had it and starts wailing!
* He has added talking and laughing to his many talents. He jabbers ALL the time! He talks to me, to Eddie, to the fish on his swing, etc. I LOVE it. I've gotten some video of it, but nothing great. I'll upload it soon, though. The laugh isn't very regular. It's usually when I've done something that he finds fantastic and he'll say "Heh-heh-heh" and then go back to jabbering.
* He's still a grunty little thing!

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