Friday, November 6, 2009

First Big Outing!

Yesterday was a big day for us! Aside from running errands here and there, James and I had not left the house at all for a long period of time since arriving home from the hospital. Yesterday, Mom and Mrs. Lynn stopped by on their way to Macon and I joined in the shopping fun! It was SO nice to get out of the house!

Mom and I drove up to Rivers Crossing and had lunch at Wild Wing Cafe'. Aside from being seated at the WORST table in the entire restaurant (we were at a both at the end of the buffet and James was in his stroller!!!) our first restaurant adventure was great!

From there we went to Belk and browsed around for a good while! Mom bought towels and I just took it all in - enjoying walking around for the first time in four forevers! My one complaint was that we couldn't find a restroom in Belk that had a lounging-type area. Go figure! I thought most upscale department stores did! (If you haven't been to Rivers Crossing in Macon, this is NOT a Tifton-type Belk! Ha!)

I wanted to look at DSW but James had had enough of the shopping and needed to eat. I sat in the backseat of my car and nursed him (sweating to death) and Mom pushed the stroller and browsed DSW before we got there. I found two fantastic pairs of shoes that I desperately need for Christmas -a gorgeous pair of knee-high black boots and a patent leather pair of ballet flats that had gemstones on the toe. Both out of my budget, both on my Christmas list!

We then went BACK to Belk to look at party dresses and browsed past the rest of the Rivers Crossing shops. I went in Hallmark and got an ornament that James will get in his stocking this year - very cute! (Anna - it's tradition!)

After about four hours we piled back in the car and headed home! All in all it was a fantastic day and we had fun being out and about! I was exhausted last night after we got home, though! Baby steps, huh?

Eddie and I are going to be brave and take him out again for supper tonight. I was instructed to be dressed and ready to go by 5:30 so that we can beat the crowds. Hopefully The Boy will behave and not show out. He was an ANGEL yesterday! Hoping he stays that way! I'd love to be able to take him out all the time!!!

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