Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We've had a fun, busy weekend! On Friday night my two favorite boys had cards, a gift from Old Navy, and flowers for my birthday. We headed to ON immediately to spend what I got. (I'm not sure if any of you experienced this, but I've lost all of my baby weight - woohoo! - and my clothes still don't fit. Yuck!) After that we took a quick detour to Longhorn to place an order and ran to Target to pick up diapers and wipes. We took our Longhorn back home and enjoyed a fantastic meal at our house. I had been CRAVING blue cheese - almost from the moment that I found out I was pregnant and couldn't have it - and have wanted a Big Sky Bleu Filet for MONTHS. It was delicious!!!

On Saturday we slept in - as late as you can sleep with an 11-day-old - and got rolling around 9. We tried to pick up the house a bit. I can't believe how unorganized and disastrous things can get when you don't regularly pick up. It's back to the to-do list tomorrow! My mama, the clean-up fairy, helped SO much but she left on Thursday and it felt like things were falling off the walls!

Eddie's parents came around 11:30 to eat lunch and visit. They brought me a birthday cake - which we have thoroughly enjoyed - and gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. Daddy and Laura gave me a Kindle last week as an early birthday gift and oh my goodness I have had so much fun with it. The Amazon card will be great! (Mom and Sonny helped bought part of our video camera, Anna gave me a pretty red flower tea candle holder, and the Days came today and gave me a pedicure - I'm in desperate need! Definitely blessed!) Mrs. Bobby and Mr. Tommy left a little after the Georgia/Florida game kicked off.

James enjoyed his first Georgia game day, even if we did get a whoopin'. Doesn't he look like a little old man here with his hands crossed? We catch him sitting like this ALL the time and I finally got a picture of it!

About the time the game got over, we got ready for Trick-or-Treaters! Eddie and I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and Eddie handed out candy. We had a few kids come by, but not nearly as many as you'd think in our neighborhood. I was extremely glad that no one broke my rule about driving and trick-or-treating. It makes me SO mad that teenagers trick-or-treat.

We DID have these little cuties stop by to visit. Aren't Minnie Mouse and Mini Minnie Mouse cute? Eddie LOADED them up on candy before they left but I think they had plenty in their buckets and had already dropped some off at home!

Unfortunately, Lily got a little stinky surprise while she was holding James. She was FANTASTIC with him and he didn't cry the whole time she held him! I'm going to need her to come back and babysit again!
This morning Cal, MaraDare, and Grayson Anne came up to visit James for the first time. Grayson Anne enjoyed holding The Boy! We also got a bag full of her Lulus (pacifiers) that she's too big for and is giving up. What a big girl!

After they left Cal's sister, Cara, came down from Macon to take newborn pictures of James. He slept the ENTIRE time we had guests this morning but wasn't very cooperative for pictures. I think Cara got a few good ones. We're crossing our fingers anyway! She was SO sweet to take pictures for us. I can't wait to see them and share!
Hope your weekend was as fun-filled as ours was! Can you believe it's November already??? It's time to get crackin' on the Christmas shopping!

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