Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Update...

The Kindle is the best invention of ALL time. I didn't like the idea of doing away with books a few years ago. But then the idea of the Kindle kinda grew on me! And now...I love it. I wouldn't give mine back! It's the best thing when I'm sitting on the bed or in a rocker rocking James or feeding him. Totally made for mamas!

I've read two new books in the past two weeks. I started with Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song and then read James Patterson's Kiss the Girls. Both were typical for each author.

The Last Song was about a teenage girl and her younger brother who go to spend the summer with their dad whom they haven't seen in several years. The daughter (Ronnie) is a lost teenager who tries her best to shake her parents up. As the summer progresses and Ronnie begins to grow up she learns a lot about her parents and what real love is. In typical Sparks fashion, you'll need a tissue or two (or fifteen if you've just given birth and are pretty hormonal) to get through the end. I really liked the book but I can only take a Nicholas Sparks book every once in a while.

I read Kiss the Girls in high school when my 10th grade English teacher handed it to me. I'm a HUGE fan of anything murder/mystery-ish. I'm a sicko because I like stories about serial killers. I do not LIKE serial killers, let me make that clear. However, I'm interested in stories about them. Kiss the Girls is an Alex Cross novel (a repeated character) about two bi-coastal serial killers who are preying on "perfect" women to keep locked away. One of the women is Alex Cross' neice, Naomi. The chapters flip back-and-forth between Alex Cross' mind, the killers' minds, and the women's minds. It kept me interested and on the edge until the very end. I'd forgotten in 10 years how it ended!

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