Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update...

We had a pretty great weekend. I know I need to give an update so I'll try to dig into my memory and see how much of this blur I can come up with! Anyone else feel that way after having a baby? I'm sort of wondering what I've been doing!

Wednesday in the hospital was good. The only visitors we had were Carrie, Lily, and Katie. It was nice to get to relax and rest but sort of boring not seeing anyone all day! Eddie managed to run home and get some things done. (I feel like I've already talked about all of this...excuse my brain if I have!) And then ran by Starbucks on his way back to get me a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Mmm..

Thursday we made an effort to start getting discharged as soon as the nurses changed shifts at 7:00 AM. James was discharged by about 7:30 but it took a good bit longer for me to be seen. Then we wound up having to wait on his proof for his birth certificate so we couldn't leave until right at 11:00 AM. We finally made it home by 11:30 AM for lunch and some snuggle time.

Thursday night Anna, Lance, and John came up to eat supper with us. Mom made vegetable lasagna and spaghetti for us and it was delicious! I started feeling a little bad that evening. I think lack of sleep was finally catching up to me.

Thursday I tried to keep James in my room all night. It was a disaster. He began screaming like a velociraptor and wanted to nurse every hour. Being unskilled in the nursing business, I let him which wound up hurting me later. We decided that he probably was having gas issues. We could hear gas moving through him but he wasn't able to pass it so we decided to ask the pediatrician about it Friday.

The pediatrician appointment was on Friday at noon. He's dealt with jaundice and his bilirubin count continued to increase while we were at the hospital so Dr. W. wanted to see him at his office. Dr. W. looked at him and said everything looked good but he was worried about his "Auburn Tan" so he sent us to have blood drawn at the hospital and would call us later. His counts came back at 14.4 (they'd been 10.4 on Thursday) and that was cause for concern (15 and we'd have to have a lamp at home) so he instructed us to go back to the hospital for another blood draw on Saturday morning. When we got home from the doctor's office we enjoyed spending some time out in the backyard.

Friday night Keith and Shelley stopped by to visit. They came and stayed for a bit before heading to Olive Garden for dinner. We grabbed Mellow Mushroom take-out and enjoyed it. Then the Perrys came back by before heading back out of town. It was so nice to get to visit with them!

Friday night was still rough but a little bit better. Mom and I tag-teamed all night. She would stay up with him, come and get me when he was hungry, then I'd stay up with him. He slept more and only nursed every three hours but didn't want to be put down to sleep, he wanted to be held.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the hospital again. Then Eddie and I took him to his first (of thousands upon thousands I'm sure) trip to Lowe's. He slept through the entire trip, which is exactly how a trip to Lowe's can be enjoyed, in my opinion. After having worked so much on the house over the past year I cannot stand to go in there.

Saturday afternoon Mom left to take a quick trip home. Eddie took James on his first stroller walk outside and I lay down to watch Biggest Loser from Tuesday night. I think I did more sleeping than watching.

Dad and John stopped by on Saturday afternoon on their trip to Atlanta. Dad brought my birthday gift - a Kindle!!! - and I was glad to be able to visit with both of them. Seriously, so excited about the Kindle! I've been reading while nursing and it's FANTASTIC not to have to hold a book or turn pages!!! Best invention ever!

Sonny came on Saturday night and brought steak. It was delicious and I ate the ENTIRE thing. Yummmm...He snuggled James until almost 11 when he left. The Boy is surely going to be spoiled rotten by Sonny.

Saturday night is a blur but it seemed to be a little better. Mom put him down in his pack-n-play and he went to sleep right away. He stayed asleep for around three hours (I think??) and then was up with Mom for a little while. I got him back in the early, early morning hours and wound up putting him in his swing. I got at least two full hours of sleep on the sofa. I turned on Bedknobs and Broomsticks and fell asleep when it came on and woke up when it was finishing. I let James sleep a little more, then woke him up to nurse him around 7:00 AM.

Sunday James spent the majority of the day sleeping. Aunt Teresa, Mr. Tommy, Mrs. Bobby, and Kelly all came by to visit. Aunt Teresa headed back to Atlanta after a bit but the others stayed all afternoon and ate dinner with us.

Last night was the best night so far. I took his swing into our room and let him sleep in it all night. He woke up every three hours (so only three times during our real sleep time) and then after a little snuggling would go right back to sleep. I don't necessarily feel "rested" but I do feel better today. Hopefully he'll do the every three hours in his pack-n-play tonight. Anyone else a nervous mama who worried her child would suffocate in his sleep??? Hopefully I'll move past that in the next few weeks.

I'm going to do pictures on the next post...too much for this one. Maybe I'll be able to stay updated more often now that I feel like I'm finally getting into the swing of things!

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