Monday, October 12, 2009

39 Weeks...

Still no progress....The Boy likes it where it's all warm and snuggly and has made no attempt to leave.

Saw Dr. W. again this morning. I think she and Dr. H. are having a fun time flip-flopping me and keeping me on my toes. I first saw Julie, one of the N.P.'s. She was VERY nice and said that she could get Dr. W. to check me if I wanted but since I haven't had many contractions, she didn't have to. Umm...I'd like to know please. Besides, I'd already been sitting wrapped up in a too-small paper sheet for 15 minutes. (On a sidenote, someone needs to invent maternity paper sheets. They no longer fit me.) So Dr. W. came in, Julie told her I was "ready to meet this boy" and Dr. W. checked. She said the same thing Dr. H. said last week and I heard from Dr. W. the week before: my cervix is still high but I am soft and dilated a small amount. Seriously? His head-butting me hasn't done ANYTHING in the past two weeks???

I'm not so uncomfortable that I can't keep housing him, but I am a little tired of this and growing a little wearier every day. Although, many women would point out to me that they went WELL past their due dates before having their babies. (I was 11 days late, Eddie was 17 days late, and Laura was 21 days late.) Dr. W. sensed my readiness and asked if I wanted to be induced on Saturday. For real?!?! Then she saw the look of panic in my eyes and said "What if we just go to the next appointment and decide from there." I'm assuming, if I don't have him between now and then, that we'll go to our appointment next Monday afternoon and she'll either tell us to head to the hospital late on Monday or early Tuesday morning. Either way, I'm expecting to have a baby by next Tuesday night. Dr. H. delivers on Monday and Dr. W. on Tuesday so one of those two days I'd have an induced baby.

The notion of having a baby within a week is exciting and scary at the same time. We're ready, but we're not ready. Can you really be ready for something like that? I talked to a friend yesterday whose wife is due a month after me and we both mentioned that we're in for a shocker and don't really know how our worlds are about to be rocked. I'm sure there are both positives and negatives in those shocks, but we'll be shocked nevertheless.

When I left the doctor's office I made my weekly Target run (Eddie needed starch but then said - "Don't make a trip just for that!" Umm...why would I NOT want to go to Target on a Monday morning when it's almost completely empty? I LIVE for doing that!) and browsed for a while. I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty ready to be able to walk into a store and buy "regular people" clothes again. I'm worn out wearing the same shirts and pants day after day - and there's no reason to buy anymore since IN A WEEK I'll have a baby. That's not to say I won't NEED maternity clothes anymore. I'm well aware that chances are I'll be in them for a while. And then Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and that just makes me think of the Friends episode where Joey wears the "stretchy" pants for turkey consumption. Just kidding, though! I'm *hoping* I'll be back in regular clothes by then. I may be a crazy lady for saying that, though! I did try on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans on Saturday with a Bellaband just to see what they'd look like. I never thought I'd think that a pair of my jeans would look "tiny" but they do. It may take a while to be back there again!

Think about us this week! Fingers crossed that all goes well for the next several days!!!


ZC said...

Your world won't be rocked too bad. It's funny how quickly it feels like that little one has always been there and you forget "life before". My two baby must-haves...a video monitor(you get much more sleep with it than just a sound one) and benefit bo-ing undereye concealer(for when you don't sleep much but you want to look like you did!). Enjoy these last few days with just you and Eddie. That sweet boy will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for all of you! Lots of pictures and then take a few more just to make sure. Won't be long before you will be BC! (before children) and wonder what you did with all that time you used to have. Enjoy. Sherry