Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out and About!

Unfortunately, I don't get out all that often. Since we still don't know many people here (only two families in our neighborhood ever bother even looking our way) and those that I DO know work, I'm usually home alone from 7:30-6. It gets old quickly.

Mom came up this morning to run some errands with me. I needed to go to Motherhood Maternity in Macon and return a few things and she needed to go to Hobby Lobby to make a return as well. Plus, she hadn't seen The Boy's room since we'd really gotten to work on it.

She came up around 10:30 and we headed to Macon. I wasn't able to make my returns in the store (why on earth can't you return pajamas that you ordered online?) but I did buy a dress and a shirt while we were there. We headed back to town, ate lunch at Logan's, and then began on more errands. She was looking for baskets so we started at Pier1. I bought several things while I was there and got GREAT deals. I really love that store but I often forget that it's there. Afterwards, we ran into Ross, she found her baskets, and we stood in the slowest line of all time. Ridiculous. We needed to go by Hobby Lobby as well so we made a quick stop there. I could browse that store all day long. Love it.

My massage appointment got cancelled. I'm really bummed out about it - I was so looking forward to it! I think I'm going to get a pedicure instead just so I can have some kind of pampering. Maybe they'll put me in a massage chair and I can pretend it's the same thing.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Tifton for the afternoon for the Doozie shower (sprinkle?). I can't wait for that. It should be fun and entertaining! Ha!

Had a GREAT day out and about. My poor swollen feet are definitely proving how much fun I had! It was good to be going!

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