Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 Weeks...

I am 24 weeks, 2 days today. I've been a really bad mama and haven't taken ANY pictures of my growing belly since the last one that was posted. Maybe someone will take one of me this weekend.

We had our 24 week checkup this morning. The room that I was in is the one with the BEST scale (I really and truly think it weighs a couple of pounds light). I've gained (by my own calculations - I forgot to ask) around 9 or 10 pounds so far. I'm feeling ok about that. I've been a little concerned that I look LARGE but Dr. N. said today that I'm measuring 24 cm which is exactly what I should be right now. The Boy's heartbeat was right around 140 bpm and my blood pressure was 128/70 so all looks good. VERY easy checkup. The next one...not so much.

I go back on July 29th for the Glucola test. Bleh. I'm supposed to drink this stuff that's fruit punch flavored. It makes me think of that stuff that people have to drink for colonoscopies, but apparently it's not NEARLY as nasty. The nurse said that she threw up from it 13 years ago when she was pregnant, but that it's not supposed to be as bad anymore.

The really exciting thing that will happen that week is that we go July 31st for our 4D ultrasound. I am SO excited about seeing this little boy's face again.

We also start our Birthing Classes the last week of July. We're going to be BUSY with the baby!

As far as how I'm feeling, I feel pretty good. I've been sort of tired this week and not nearly as active as I had been. Up to this week I didn't really "feel" pregnant. My tummy has grown some and it's getting in the way when I bend to pick things up off of the floor. In addition, it HURTS a little to bend and pick things up off the floor.

The Boy is definitely pretty active. I've started to see patterns in wake/sleep times for him. He's awake and really active at around 7:45 every morning. Eddie gets mad because this usually occurs as he's pulling out of the driveway. He thinks The Boy is ignoring him. He's also normally pretty active after I eat and right before I go to sleep. This afternoon I was laying on my side on the bed reading and he must've been laying horizontically across my stomach because I could feel him on either side of my belly. It's a fun thing that I really like to feel - until he kicks down or on my bladder...then I just need to move around.

We think we've come up with a name. We'll see if it sticks. We've had a hard time with a boy name...of course we had a girl name all picked out. Hopefully we won't need to go back to the drawing board. Now we're just debating what we should call him. We have two options and neither of us really cares one way or the other - they both work.

I went to Hobby Lobby today after our appointment and picked up a few more things. I got a metal ring and ribbon to finish his Blessing Ring. It turned out really cute, but I haven't had Eddie drill a hole through the initial piece so I haven't totally completed it yet. I also bought three canvases in hopes that I can make him a monogram to hang over his crib. Lori alerted me to the fact that Hobby Lobby often has fabrics that are WAY reduced so I picked up two different patterns for myself. Once I learn to sew I'll use them to practice. They'd be VERY cute as aprons.

Last weekend we went to Make Room for Baby in Albany and picked out his crib and dresser. Now I just have to call her and place our order. We also need to order a rocker/recliner but we haven't decided on one yet. I also found VERY cute fabric at PJ's. I hope that I have someone who can make the crib skirt, bumper, and curtain. We're crossing our fingers on that one. Once the room starts coming together, I'll post some pictures. His mobile will be here the first of next week and I'm really excited about that - it's VERY cute.

We're heading to the beach tomorrow. I can't wait to get out of town for a few days. This summer seems to be flying by but I haven't done much. July will be a MUCH more full month so I'm happy for that. Next week I may be heading to Tifton for the day at some point. The week after that Mary Beth is supposed to be in Macon with Dutch and she wants to stop by and visit. Then we're headed to the beach AGAIN with the Dinner Club bunch the 22nd-26th! Whew! Lots to do! Yippee! It beats sitting around here bored all day long!

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