Friday, June 12, 2009

Peru Mission Team

The Peru Mission Team from First Methodist is leaving tomorrow morning to head to Iquitos, Peru. I think I'm correcting in saying that they'll be flying from Atlanta straight to Lima tomorrow. We didn't have that luxury when I went, but I think our last trip did everyone in!

Please be praying for the team! They are:

Eddie Sklany
Glenn Martin
Amy Martin
Buddy Walker
Christie Vance
Donna Young
Scott Herzog
Jennifer Dorminey
Parker Holloway
Bret Wagenhorst
Donna Smith
Joe West
Joy West
Jordan West
Rachel West
Dean Hilliard
The Peru trip is SUCH an experience. Eddie and I get a little sentimental about it around this time every year. I feel sure that we will go back one way or another in the future (just not the NEAR future). It's definitely a life-changing experience that will leave you thinking about real happiness! It doesn't come from owning lots of THINGS.
Keep the team in your prayers!

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