Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gender Predictors???

Obviously, one of the biggest questions I get now that I've announced that we're pregnant is "Are you going to find out what you're having?" The answer: YES! At first I was feeling quite patient not knowing what this little peanut would turn out to be, but now I'm ready to find out! So we've been doing some investivating. Ready for some Old Wives Tales? Ha!

* The Chinese Gender Chart, which lines up my age to the month we conceived says that I'm having a girl.

* An Old Wives Tale Predictor Quiz, which asks a bunch of questions about how I'm feeling says that I have a 56% chance of having a boy, and a 44% chance of having a girl.

* The needle test predicted a boy. (Mom made me do this one. I'm not sure I understand how it works but Mrs. Bobby and several others swear it worked for them.)

* I haven't craved sweets much at all but have wanted things that are sour - boy.

* I sleep with my pillow to the South - girl.

* Craving fruit means it's a girl, craving meat means it's a boy - I am over meat currently. I love fruit.

As is obvious, it's a toss up. However, I've had two VERY vivid dreams that I was having a boy. In one, Eddie and I bought an ultrasound machine (Anna thinks I'm crazy!) and we found out at home that we were having a boy. We don't have enough money (nor would Eddie ever go for that) to make that dream come true. I believe we'll just wait 5 more weeks. In the other dream, I apparently left the hospital before the baby did and I made Eddie stay with him. When he brought the baby home, I got mad because he'd forgotten to have him circumcised. I didn't believe all the stories I'd heard about weird dreams, but my dreams are STRANGE every night.

Let's take a vote, what do you think it will be???

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ZC said...

Congrats on being pregnant! I'm thinking boy because you haven't been sick. I was so sick until 20 weeks. They say the extra hormones with girls cause the sickness. Also, I think Momma knows best so if you think boy then it's probably a boy! Post some preggo pics! : )