Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

On Friday after Mom and I arrived back from the beach we had dinner at the Fresh's house. It was a fun, exciting evening that will be discussed in more detail in the future. *Wink, wink*

Saturday was spent back and forth between families and then Eddie and I headed out to Ferry Lake for Dinner Club. It was our night to host, and since we are homeless in Tifton we decided it would be fun to go out there. The boys DEFINITELY enjoyed it, what with all the shooting that went on. Shooting is an expensive sport. I didn't realize. The girls stayed around the cabin, making sure that dinner wasn't burning. We enjoyed spending some quality girl-time together. Grayson Anne kept us very entertained.

On Sunday we went to church for Easter. I always really like the Easter service and just the whole Lenten season in general. The choir was at early church, there was an orchestra, etc. And while FUMC doesn't have nearly the membership as some of the other churches in town, it is still a great day to be at church. The Chreasters were certainly in full attendance! I love to see who is in town on that day.

This year I've done a lot more reflecting on Easter than I have in the past. I don't know what it is about this time around. Normally I'm very focused on Easter baskets and Easter dinner (which is eaten at lunchtime, in case you ain't from around here). This year, it was more about being around family and friends and really looking at what truly happened that first Easter weekend. I am SO not worthy, but SO grateful.

I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter weekend as well. I hope to become a better blogger in the coming weeks. Stayed tuned for a big update in case you haven't heard it yet!

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