Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

I began my Spring Cleaning yesterday at our house. It's proved to be a big job but I'm tired of looking at dust on the baseboards (I think I'll start calling them dustboards!). We usually do a 15-minute clean here or there in each of the rooms throughout the week, but the house needs an overall deep clean and I'm ready to get it done!

One of my least favorite jobs is cleaning the shower. Somehow it just never looks as clean as I want it to. If I scrub it with a Magic Eraser it doesn't smell clean and if I spray a cleaner in there it shows build-up. I'm in search of something to take care of this problem.

We desperately need to finish unpacking as well. I'm ashamed to even tell you that I haven't unpacked all of our boxes since we moved in Labor Day weekend, but the truth is that I haven't. There are LOTS just stacked in the dining room. That's part of my goal for this weekend.

Along with the Spring Cleaning we're trying to do some Spring Decorating as well. There are no pictures hung on the walls currently and it is driving Eddie crazy. I have a lot of our framed pictures strategically leaned up against walls here and there, but nothing has been done about it.

We need new furniture as well: master bedroom furniture and a REAL entertainment center are on the top of that list.

Once we're done with those things, we'll start a new list! It never ends, does it? I guess I wouldn't want it to. I'd be nice to have a clean, put-together house with just a wiggle of my nose, though! I could find plenty of other ways to spend my time I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

Shower trick: clean it super good & then spray it w/ Rain-X, the car windshield stuff. It makes cleanings last longer! A glass shower dude told me that on a job site once!

Lauren and Eddie said...

Fantastic idea! I've NEVER thought of that! You might have just solved my problems!