Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reality TV At Its Best...

I've been sucked in to a place that I can't seem to get free! Eddie thinks I'm a nut. I've become obsessed with The Bachelor and Biggest Loser and as if that wasn't enough JARRETT BURNS IS ON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

Think back to a few weeks ago when I told you all to run on over to iTunes and purchase his new single. It's still amazing and I still listen to it all the time on my iPod. Jarrett is truly one of the world's nicest guys. I met him in high school...if you're ever at my house, I'll let you look at what he wrote in my yearbook. It still makes my face turn red. Anyway, he made it through to Hollywood and he's one of fifty contestants competing tonight. I've never watched Idol but it's on my list now!

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