Saturday, February 7, 2009

Could It Be That Punxsutawney Phil Was Wrong?!?!

Today was a marvelous day. I have worn shorts almost all day long. And I haven't been cold. That is a first in quite some time. (On that note, my legs have also not seen the sun in quite some time. If you see me around in shorts, be sure to put on your sunglasses. They are a gleaming shade of white.)

Eddie spent the morning hanging blinds in our bathroom and the afternoon putting out pinestraw. Our bathroom has real sunlight in it because it is not being blocked out by a towel and a sheet anymore. Our yard looks like someone actually lives in the house.

I spent the morning folding and hanging clothes and the afternoon folding and hanging clothes. I feel as though I am taking years off my life by folding and hanging clothes. I guess it could be that I just haven't folded or hung clothes in a long time.

This evening when Eddie came in he suggested that we go for a walk outside. It was absolutely perfect. We'd wanted to walk through the other neighborhood that connects to ours (the one that makes us look like we live in the ghetto) so that's where we headed. As we walked, we passed a lady who smiled and SPOKE TO US. I swear, this is the first time since we've moved in that I feel like people in our neighborhood MIGHT BE NICE! We passed her two more times in our two mile walk and she waved and smiled and was generally nice all over again. THERE IS HOPE! Maybe spring weather will make people around here friendlier. I sure hope so!

I'm hoping that the warm weather will continue. I'm tired of the cold. And my legs could really do with seeing the sun more often.

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