Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Today is Anna's 23rd birthday. There's a bit of a joke in our family about how obsessed Anna is with Minnie Mouse. The truth is, she REALLY likes Minnie a LOT, but we've sort of made it evolve into an obsession without her input. For instance, more often than not, Anna gets a Minnie Mouse ornament or some sort of Christmas decoration each year. For her birthday one year I gave her a picture of (the OLD) Minnie putting on makeup - this is hanging in Anna's Athens bathroom. She almost always has a Minnie-themed birthday party. In fact, one year Mom pulled out Anna's Minnie cups and plates from a childhood birthday party. The girl LOVES Minnie.

Because I'm such a FANTASTIC big sister (ok, not really...I used to pull out all the Barbies in Anna's room, "set up," and leave Anna to clean up the mess. Whoops!) I spent my Saturday afternoon doing this:

You can definitely tell that this is my first attempt at decorating cookies. It was time consuming, but fun! I used Eddie's great-grandmother's sugar cookie recipe but I was so hard at work that I didn't even taste it! I'll let Anna decide how they are!

Happy Birthday, Anna Babe!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making those adorable Minnie and Mickey cookies for my birthday! I absolutely LOVE them and my Fairy Tale Theater movies! It definitely does not sound like I just turned twenty-three!

Jessica said...

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