Tuesday, November 11, 2008

# 9, 10, and 11

Things I'm thankful for...

#9: The beauty of Fall. We live in a town that has LEAVES that CHANGE COLORS! It's incredible!

#10: Christmas is right around the corner! I haven't even STARTED my Christmas shopping yet! I can't wait for the lights, the smells, the sounds, and the feelings that come along with this special season. It's definitely my favorite (even though you can't tell that by my house during Halloween!)! I've been spending my time hunting for stockings and other decorations for this house, as well as trying to figure out what we're getting for everyone! If you have any good Christmas gift ideas, feel free to share them! (PS - Shelley, we have to find a weekend to make candy pretty soon! Eddie walked through Target the other day pointing to candy and saying "Y'all have to make that...and that...and that..." Haha!)

#11: The fact that I live in the United States. Today is Veteran's Day. Here in WR, that's a pretty big deal it seems. I've never really stopped to think about it before. If you read my posts a few weeks ago about The Wall, you know my previous thoughts on history, wars, etc. However, the past few months I've started thinking a lot more about how incredible it is that I live in this country. Yes, we're having lots of problems currently. But think of all the things that we're able to do that others are not! Thank you to ALL the people who have given their time, efforts, and lives in order for the rest of us to live (sometimes selfishly!) in this freedom that we so often take for granted!

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