Saturday, August 9, 2008

5 days down...

175 to go! No, my week was actually a little better than that. I must say that being on a cart and floating ALL five periods causes a little bit of a hectic day...but I survived the first week.

Eddie and I are both already tired of the drive to and from Houston County every morning. Our routine is to leave the house no later than 6:15. I normally sleep on the way but we've gotten into the habit of reading the Bible a little as well. That's been a nice way to start the morning...especially when we're not feeling up to the day!

House updates will come VERY soon. Check back in about two weeks for big news. Still not mentioning what all it entails on here...even though some of you already know about it.

We're without the internet except at school...and I'm certainly not updating my blog at that's why the updates have been few and far between. We're doing well, though. We're just two very sleepy people most of the time! Getting up at 5 AM is not what I enjoy doing...I'm a night person through and through!

Miss you all! Hope to see you soon!

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