Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Lunch with My Favorite Bunch...

I was SO excited to be able to eat lunch with some of my favorite ladies today. I went to Applebee's and met Rhonda, Sally, Dianne, Susan, Shelley, and Shelley's mother-in-law Diane. We had the BEST time. I had forgotten how much fun I have with those ladies. The people at Applebee's probably thought we were crazy - we spent two LOUD hours there!!!

In other news, no word yet about the house...although Eddie only updates when I ask specifically about it and I haven't today so I'm not sure what the update is. I haven't "mentally moved in" to this house yet but I have made a list of the things that might need to be done to make it cute. There are LOTS of things...hopefully, since it's a foreclosure, we'll save some money and have something left over to spend on some upgrades. I'm not posting pictures until I'm SURE we have it though...I think that's what caused our bad luck last time.

It's been a busy week and will continue to be busy all the way up until...well...I'm not sure when it will EVER slow down! Mom, Debbie Cohen, and I decided on food this week. We're meeting with Cynthia Harrison next Thursday to tell her what we want. My favorites: crab cake station and a mashed potato bar!!! I'm THRILLED with what we chose. Debbie had LOTS of great ideas for food. I'm so glad Mom thought to include her!

Next week we're going to order cups and napkins from Montgomery and we have to go to Gin Creek to decide on how to decorate everything. We're going to stop by and pick up our engagement pictures from Carrie while we're down in Moultrie. I'm SO excited to see them!

This weekend I'll be in Atlanta for Father's Day, next weekend we're having the girls' trip to the beach, the weekend after that we're BACK in Atlanta for Grandmommie's shower, and then the 4th of July is the next weekend. Time is flying by!

What a fun day! Now if only I could get a little more house packing done...

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