Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We've been at the lake all day and I'm worn out! We had a busy weekend but it was great and we got a lot done!

On Friday night, Scout and I headed up to Lake Blackshear to meet Eddie. We had dinner, watched a little TV, and then we were out! On Saturday morning we got up and spent some time doing chores (ok, Eddie did chores and I read/took a nap) before his parents and Kelly came up. Eddie and I came back to Tifton on Saturday night for a cookout at Cal and MaraDare's - we had a great time, thanks guys! On Sunday we went and packed up and moved out of my classroom. Afterwards we went to the big city of Rebecca, Georgia to spend some time with my dad, brother, aunt, and uncle. We had a great time swinging, laughing, and telling old stories. This morning we went to Carrie Viohl's ( in Moultrie to see our engagement pictures. They turned out GREAT and we were really excited about them!

I'm now exhausted and I have to get up for school in the morning...two more days of post-planning and then I'm officially done! More to come soon on houses and wedding planning, I'm sure!


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